Sports management as a key to efficiency


If we say that mobile technologies have expanded a lot in the last 10 years and that they have become a part of a normal life we won't say anything new.  Even though it was hard to imagine it a few years ago, this technology has become a necessary part of our lives. And for the future of any enterprise, it has become crucial to adapt to modern trends. You may be thinking why?

Having a mobile application in nowadays has become a crucial way of doing business. It has become a way of promoting yourself, increasing interest in your business, delivering all the information to all the users in the fastest way. A company that has a perfectly customized mobile application for its business is in advantage on the market.

And sport is not an exception of it. Many successful sports organizations have recognized it a long time ago and modify the way of organizing themselves. In this way, they have increased efficiency of management and decrease total costs.

What should be the main goals of that application?

The main goal of application in sports would be creating an imaginary map that should help in running the organization. Mapping their "business" and creating a clear and accessible calendar of past and future actions and activities should help in increasing the productivity of every individual part of that organization.

As all modern organizations, sports collectives tend to create a database of all the activities in the organization. This database is helping them in the future management of it. Mobile applications, in the way they have developed, are a perfect solution for this problem. As they are accessible, easy for entering data, transparent and clear they are a perfect solution for this problem.

Also, this has become a unique way of communicating with the outside world. Alongside social media like Facebook or Instagram, applications and websites are perfect solutions for spreading the news to the outside world. And not just with them, but also with the people inside the organization like players, coaches, or parents of the children from the juth categories.

What is Sophico and how it can help you?

To simplify it, we could say that Sophico is a web and mobile platform created by a team of experienced longtime sports member's. It is created to improve management in sports collectives.

Sophico is designed to improve record tracing and each player's progress and putting it all in one database which would be accessible to all. By having it all in one place coaches and players could have a clear view of the past activity which should help them in future improvements.

Besides that, this platform is also perfect for all the parents it tracking their children's sports life. Allowing access to the platform to them, you would save time and energy in running the club's juth categories and help parents in having insights what are they children doing. By opening a simple application, parents could see when have they children been on training, did they and how long play on games, are they injured and how etc.


Even though creating or taking over already existing application is a cost, that is also a long-term investment in decreasing future costs. Besides that, it will save you a lot of time and energy which is very valuable. The need for adopting modern trends and modifying yourself is bigger and bigger every day. Because of the future of the world is mobile, we should become mobile as soon as we can!